Domesticity 101: The Perfect Frosting Techniques

Domesticity 101-The Perfect Frosting Technique

Frosting is one of those techniques that I think most chefs and bakers dread.  I am one of them.

I am not particularly good at it but I am developing techniques that help me out and develop new skills – and they are all relatively simple.

When it comes to frosting I have discovered that confidence is key.  If you pause, or panic mid ‘frost’ it all goes terribly wrong!  I learned this the hard way!

A while ago a watched this video that really helped me, especially with cupcakes. Watch it for some great tips!

Best Ever Cupcake Icing Kit by Bake It Pretty

For our recent wedding celebration party in England my Mum and I made over 100 cakes and I managed to get a few shots of Mum frosting some of the cupcakes.  She is really good at it….although Mum’s always make things look easy don’t they!  However, she did teach me some great techniques and she is and excellent cake decorator.

The following photos show some great tips:

Hold the frosting bag firmly with both hands, squeezing the frosting to ensure there are no air pockets in it.

Domesticity 101: The Perfect Frosting

Start from the outside and work your way inside.  With these cupcakes we were just doing a swirl of frosting around the outside, and we put a dollop of lemon curd in the middle of the frosting.

Domesticity 101: The Perfect Frosting

Frosting sheet cakes is much easier as you just spread it on and smooth it out, or create patterns with a flat pallet knife.

With the cakes below these were Coconut Cherry cakes so we sprinkled some toasted coconut on the top of the frosting.

There are three great things about sprinkles of any kind –

1 – they taste delicious,

2 – they make the cake look pretty

3 – they hide any frosting mess 🙂


Domesticity 101: The Perfect Frosting

Domesticity 101: The Perfect Frosting

Here is another company My Cupcake Addiction that I found a whole series of helpful videos from their YouTube page that show you exactly how to frost cupcakes.  It is very practical and useful so I hope it helps you too!

Decorating Techniques and Frosting Styles by My Cupcake Addiction on YouTube


For more inspiration about beautiful cupcakes……all of which I hope to make just as beautifully myself one day in the not too distant future… the meantime we just have to take from others around us who excel in these areas.


Check out my Pinterest Cupcake Board

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6 thoughts on “Domesticity 101: The Perfect Frosting Techniques

  1. Theresa @DearCreatives says:

    I just got a pastry bag last year. I know I need to practice. Hey I have a giveaway going on. I think you’ll love it. Easy entry drop by if you like to enter. Inspirational & more than one prize in prize package. Don’t forget to share your recipes at the party sometime. Miss ya! Theresa


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