2014 Beauty Revolution

Beauty Revolution

On New Year’s Eve I read this article, by a friend of mine, Adrienne Sandvos, Darling Magazine: Beauty Revolution 2014.

I was challenged about my own beauty, my perception, my self-worth….how I see myself.

I generally don’t identify my beauty as anything other than ‘average’, I am one of millions of blonde haired, blue eyed European women.  I don’t feel that anything about myself stands out or makes my ‘beauty’ unique.

I am not happy.

I want this article to be honest and real, not a cry for attention or affirmation, but an honest reflection as a woman. Continue reading

Africa Mission Fundraiser {31 Days #21}

Teespring Africa Campaign

On Thursday we announced that we are partnering with Teespring to create a crowdfunding t-shirt campaign to raise funds for our mission trip to Africa in December.

Teespring Africa

We are delighted to announce that our campaign is now LIVE, LAUNCHED AND READY TO GO!

So I know we have been talking about this mission trip for a while now but have told you very little about it!

Our planned Mission Trip is to Uganda, South Sudan & Zambia this December!

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Teespring: Supporting Africa Missions {31 Days #17}

Teespring AfricaThis is a Sverve Affiliate post – however the opinions are 100% my own.

We are really excited to be launching our very first joint FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN with Teespring!

Teespring is a crowdfunding apparel company that allows you to custom design your own t-shirts with zero costs and zero hassle!  You know how fundraising usually works right?  You spend lots of money upfront designing a t-shirt, baking cakes and cookies, making crafts – with no guarantee that you will actually sell ANYTHING, never mind make and profit!

Teespring is different!

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