The title of the blog is unusual, I give you that….but I wanted something that represented us well and stood out! It may in fact be the longest blog title ever which I am sure I will come to regret!

My husband, Todd, gained his Captain America nickname after I saw The Avengers movie, we were engaged at the time and I thought it was cute. He’s built like Captain America (except even hotter in my humble opinion!), is honorable, defends those he loves and fights for what he believes in…so what better title for him.

The English Rose part of the title is me, Ruth! I was born and raised in England, Liverpool originally, then later Shrewsbury, Leicester, Birmingham and finally, London before moving halfway across the world to California in 2007….the rose part is less me as I don’t really see myself as ‘the delicate flower type’, however Todd says I have my ‘delicate moments’ when I think no-one is looking, so maybe the flower analogy is more apt than I care to admit!

How did Captain America find his English Rose?

The short answer is God moved me from one side of the world to the other to find him, the longer version is that I came to California for my friend’s wedding in 2007.

Four months later, I had given up my career and moved here following the undeniable call of God on my life. I took part in a discipleship school for two years at a church in Roseville, California, which changed my life forever.

California became my new home, past hurts were healed, my relationship with God deepened and I knew my life would never be the same again.

Sadly, my visa expired, so I returned to England, back to living with my parents, with no income, no job and the greatest desire to return to my new home! Exactly a year later, God opened the door again for me to return to California, this time volunteering for my friend’s Christian non-profit organization.

Within 6 months, my boss introduced me to her friend, a single guy who was also in ministry……..and Captain America found his English Rose!

We married in October 2012 and I now live with him in Concord, California.

Todd is the founding Apostle of New Nation Church International; which is currently made up of six churches, three in South Sudan, two in Uganda and one in Concord, USA, of which Todd is the Pastor. We both have a passion for growing, developing and supporting churches and church leaders throughout the world and spreading the good news of the gospel to the ends of the earth….literally!

We both love to cook, although not together as we have totally different styles of cooking! We love food! I claim that food is the 6th love language! We love to travel to new places, to explore new things. We love Jesus above all else, including each other. Our faith is the centre of our lives, it keeps us grounded, gives us focus and hope, drives our passions and keeps us on this crazy journey called life!

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