Domesticity 101: Kitchen Equipment

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Domesticity 101: A guide to all the essentials & basics around the house and kitchen to help you.

I am not an expert, just another woman trying to figure life out and make it the day-to-day tasks as simple as possible – and that’s what I will be sharing here.

The title, Domesticity 101 can be defined as:
do·mes·tic·i·ty (dm-sts-t)
n. pl. do·mes·tic·i·ties
1. The quality or condition of being domestic.
2. Home life or devotion to it.
3. domesticities Household affairs. Original source

We kicked off the series with Pantry Essentials – this includes ingredients that we use very regularly and are featured in many of our recipes.

Week One: Pantry Essentials: Herbs & Spices

Week Two: Pantry Essentials: Oils, Sauces & Marinades

Today we continue the series with Kitchen Equipment – covering all the basic Kitchen Essentials you will need to make you life in the kitchen a whole lot easier!

Do you have a question that you want answered?

If so, please leave a comment or email me and ask the question and I will try and answer it!


Guide to Basic Kitchen Equipment:

A good set of pots and pans:

Often you can find a ‘beginners set’ which has all the basic pots and pans in all different shapes and sizes.  These sets are often the most economical to start out with.  Buy the highest quality you can afford.  Look for a quality brand (on sale, has the best prices) and consider it an investment.  A great set of pots and pans REALLY make a difference when you are cooking.  If you invest in a great set, cooking is quicker, easier and often healthier (as you have less need for oil/butter etc)

If you cannot afford to buy a whole set outright, check for sales and add one or two at a time and gradually build up your collection.

A great set of knives:

Domesticity 101: Kitchen Essentials

This is very important! Knives make all the difference when you are cooking.  Good knives are essential.  You can get away with buying cheaper equipment in other areas….but knives are not a place to cut costs.

Sharp, good quality knives can last a lifetime – yes they are expensive but if you calculate the cost per use of a knife that could last you around 20 years…..that’s excellent value for money.

Also, note that sharp knives are actually safer to use than blunt ones – so don’t be put off!

Often, good knives can be found on sale, so add a few to your collection over a period of time to spread the cost.

A good set of mixing bowls

The stackable kind are the best, as you will need all different sizes and they store neatly.

Cutting Boards:

We have a wooden one and a Granite one – I love the granite one (although it is very heavy!) it is easy to clean and doesn’t get marked or dented.

Sieves, Strainers & Colanders:

We have 4 – 2 smaller ones which I use for flour, fruit and small vegetables, a large stainless steel one that stretches across the sink (so useful!) and a large plastic one for straining pasta.


A corkscrew – there are hundreds of different types of these from electric to manual, large to small! It’s all about personal preference!

A Swivel Peeler

A Y Peeler  – you need both as they are each better for different ingredients!

A Can opener – again this is personal preference, but invest a little extra money here as the cheap ones tend to not work as well

A citrus juicer

A garlic press

An excellent pair of kitchen scissors – I actually recommend buying two pairs, one for opening packets etc and one for cutting meat!

Measuring spoon/s

A pizza cutter – I use ours for more than just pizza!

Domesticity 101: Kitchen Essentials

Measuring cups – a large one, and smaller ones.  I love these magnetic ones as they stay together in the drawer and I am not digging around looking for the size I need!

Hand whisks – have a few different sizes available, especially a small one as often you one need to whisk a small amount of liquid and a large whisk is ridiculous!

Domesticity 101: Kitchen Essentials

Nylon/Plastic Utensils:

A slotted spatula

A spatula

A ladle

A slotted spoon

A spoon

A potato masher

Domesticity 101: Kitchen Essentials
Other Utensils:

Stainless steel and nylon tongs – two different sizes.  These are one of my favorite things in our kitchen.  I use them for all sorts of things, from grilling to turning meat and vegetables, to reaching for things on the top shelf of our pantry… I am not kidding! They are amazing!

Wooden spoons – various shapes and sizes

Silicone spatulas – I have two sizes and I use both for many things, from scraping out jars of mayonnaise to baking!

Domesticity 101: Kitchen Essentials

My Secret Weapon of Choice:

Herb Scissors – one of the best inventions EVER! I use them all the time, including cutting green onions.  It makes cutting fresh herbs and onions so much faster!

7 thoughts on “Domesticity 101: Kitchen Equipment

    • Ruth Cataldo says:

      Thanks Sarah! Herb scissors are amazing-it’ll be one of the best kitchen gadgets you ever bought! I don’t know how I ever cooked without them!


  1. Michelle says:

    We’ve found great knives at the local Mennonite store. They’re inexpensive, but cut better than the “good” set of knives we splurged on a few years back. And they sell them individually, so we just bought the styles that we use frequently.


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