Chicken & Artichoke Florentine Bake

Chicken & Artichoke Florentine Bake

I have made this Chicken & Artichoke Florentine Bake recipe many times before! We love it!

It is not the fastest recipe in the world…..if you want a quick recipe check out my 30-Minute Recipe list!

This recipe I found online a while ago and have adapted it quite significantly and made it our own personal favorite!

There are quite a few stages to this recipe, but they are not challenging at all!  The joy is that you can adapt it if you like, and add various other ingredients of your choice.

I made a very similar version with quinoa – so if you cannot eat gluten then this would be a perfect alternative.  For the recipe information, click HERE

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Thai Style Mahi-Mahi Stirfry

Thai style Mahi-Mahi stir fry

Captain America made Thai Style Mahi-Mahi Stir Fry for dinner a few weeks ago.  He is excellent at putting together delicious dishes, from scratch, without a recipe.  I take the pictures and write everything down while he creates!

I love that I married a man who loves to cook as much as I do.  Our styles are very different – I love to bake and he hates it.  He uses LOADS of ingredients and I like to use just a few to keep it simple.

Together we make wonderful, delicious food 🙂

I hope you enjoy this dish as much as we did!

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30-Minute Recipes – Coleslaw

30-Minute Recipes - Coleslaw

On our recent trip to England, this was one of the many recipes I BEGGED my Mum to make!

I love her Coleslaw!

It is probably the best I have ever eaten!  I’m not sure what makes it so good as there are no secret ingredients or hidden techniques – but it is just delicious!

30-Minute Recipes - Coleslaw

This is one of the simplest recipes I have ever posted……the only slight time consuming thing is chopping the vegetables, but if you have a food processor you will be laughing!

There is a basic recipe which you can then add to with whatever ingredients take your fancy.

Captain America hates raisins – so he got a special bowl without them.  Mum, Dad and I all love raisins so they are a must for our Coleslaw.  This time Mum added pineapple for a little sweet twist.  We also prefer a fruity Coleslaw but for many people I know this isn’t a preference.  We also add nuts and seeds to ours for crunch! Continue reading

Labor Day Celebrations

Labor Day Celebrations

Labor Day…….a day off, a time for BBQ’s, making the most of the last of the summer weather, spending hours in freeway traffic with everyone else who is trying to ‘get away’ for the long weekend, a last chance to wear white pants…..or something more??

According to Wikipedia, Labor Day is defined as:

Labor Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September, that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. It was first nationally recognized in 1894 to placate unionists following the Pullman Strike. With the decline in union membership, the holiday is generally viewed as a time for barbeques and the end of summer vacations.


For those of you reading this who are not Americans, or at least living in America, Monday September 2nd will pass unnoticed….so while you go about your daily lives remember us here as we ‘party’ away the day!


With that in mind let’s all celebrate, by BBQ-ing, wearing white pants (including you men!) and making the most of the summer weather…….while remembering and celebrating “the economic and social contributions of workers”!


I gathered together a selection of the ‘Best Of The Best’ of summer BBQ-ing and party recipes to inspire your celebrations this Monday!


Whatever you do to celebrate, have fun and stay safe!

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30-Minute Recipe: Cobb Salad

30 minute recipes - Cobb Salad

Our 30-Minute Recipe series continues today with Cobb Salad.

This is so simple and so quick it barely even constitutes a recipe – we are really just preparing and assembling ingredients!  As the summer draws to a close (sigh :-() let’s make the most of the wonderful warm summer days and nights and make the most of the opportunity we have to eat salad in the sunshine!

This is fresh, light and a perfect alternative to a heavy, rich meal.

30 minute recipes - Cobb Salad

You can adapt this recipe anyway you wish…….be creative, explore new ingredients, try something new!

I stuck to a more traditional Cobb Salad here but I usually try and steer clear of too safe and traditional when it comes to food as you often miss out on the good stuff!

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Ham & Zucchini Fritatta

Ham & Zucchini Fritatta

Last week, Captain America was feeling a little under the weather….and he had a craving for Fritatta.  We had some wonderful fresh home-grown produce lovingly donated to us from some friends which we wanted to use, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Ham & Zucchini Fritatta

I had never had Fritatta before, but I am now a huge fan!  It is delicious, and great as a main meal and for breakfast the next day!

The preparation is not complicated, just chopping, which takes a little time, but otherwise it is very simple – and makes for the perfect warm summer meal.  Our Fritatta was mainly ham and zucchini but there are many different vegetables that would work instead – so there are many options for you to try!

Have a go and let us know what delicious creations you come up with!


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30-Minute Recipes: Chicken Linguine

Chicken Linguine

Today continues our 30-Minute Recipe series with delicious Chicken Linguine!  We have been on a bit of a pasta fix recently and this was one of the best ever recipes! Captain America worked his magic again to create this dish.

It was a variation on the very first dish he ever cooked all by himself, and he has since adapted and perfected it into it’s current glorious state!

Linguine Chicken

It’s rich but not too heavy, creamy with no cream and incredibly quick and easy to make!

So what are you waiting for…..get in the kitchen and make it!!


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Celebrate 4th July

4th July Party

We have a few more days left to finalize you plans for Celebrating 4th July.  If you haven’t already made plans – don’t worry there is still time!  If you have plans, but are panicking about what to cook/take to a party DO NOT WORRY! I compiled a list of the favorite summer recipes from our blog – with something for everyone!

We are still finalizing our plans for 4th July but we are starting the day with a 4th July Parade in downtown Clayton with the family, followed by an afternoon of cooking and eating delicious food with some great friends.  I will be sporting some red, white and blue…..and I promise not to bring my British Flag!

Here is my guide to the best recipes to make this 4th July extra special.

Most of the recipes are very simple, so even if you are a beginner, there is something here that you will be able to pull together really easily.

The following list coincides with the pictures above (from top left to bottom right):

1. Banana Cupcake & Strawberry Frosting

2. Foil Roasted Potatoes

3. Strawberry Balsamic Salad Dressing

4. Turkey Burgers

5. Fruit Pie #2

6. Herb Lemon Marinade

7. Grilled Corn

8. Fruit Pie #1

9. Italian Balsamic Salad Dressing

10. 5-Minute Peach Sorbet

12. Flank Steak Marinade

13. Three Bean Salad

14. Captain America’s Iced Tea

15. Captain America’s BBQ Marinade

16. Ranch Dressing MIx


Celebrate 4th July – Grilled Corn

Grilled corn

Okay, Okay! I know there is a HUGE irony with the British lady doing a series of recipes about Celebrating 4th July.  However, in my defense, I am married to an American, I do live in America and the 4th July is a great holiday which I am willing to embrace in (nearly!) all it’s glory!

I have done all sorts of things to celebrate over the past 6 years, including volunteering at our church fireworks booth (where the tagline “Let’s face it, you wouldn’t even have this holiday if it wasn’t for us Brits!” usually went down like a storm and raised us quite a chunk of money…..luckily all our customers had a sense of humor!)

One of my favorite things to do to celebrate is watch a small town parade in all it’s red, white and blue glory, and then go somewhere with lots of friends, soak up the wonderful California summer sunshine and grill some meat! If that doesn’t sound American I don’t know what does!

So to kick this Celebrate 4th July series off we are starting with a California staple……Grilled Corn.  It grows like weeds around our local area so the corn we can get right now is REALLY fresh white corn, grown less than 25 miles away……..and it’s delicious!

Here is our very simple recipe for Grilled Corn


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Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice

I LOVE Chicken Fried Rice.  In fact I love nearly all chinese food.  It is one of the foods that is really hard to recreate well at home, and often takes a load of ingredients that are difficult to get hold of in your average grocery store.  However, this recipe is different. I was inspired by a fellow food bloggers post entitled, Better Than Take Out Chicken Fried Rice…I mean how can you not be.  I adapted it, added a few more spices…..obviously and some more vegetables.  As with most of our recipes, they are NOT the ‘standard’ as standard is often boring….we do things a little differently around here in more than just our food!

We were really pleased with it and hope you enjoy it too!

What is your favorite Chinese takeout dish??


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