31 People: Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is one of the main reasons I became passionate about food!

He taught me a lot about cooking, growing my own food and how simple, delicious food can be. I have tried to implement his approach here at Captain America & His English Rose of creating simple, yet delicious dishes – that anyone can make!

Jamie Oliver taught me how to make risotto…..properly! His Pizza Dough Recipe is a staple at our house, it helped me overcome my fear of dough AND it is by far the most successful post I have ever written on this blog – so for that I am truly grateful!

I own many of his cookbooks, but rarely follow his actual recipes – yet they inspire me to create new dishes and to try out new methods. I loved his TV shows and found them to be the most inspiring. Jamie At Home was a series I particularly enjoyed as it taught me about growing my own vegetables, how simple it is and some amazing dishes I can make with the results. The summer after I watched that show I grew many vegetables and became a lifetime convert to a kitchen garden.

One of the things that inspires me most about Jamie Oliver is that his recipes are not complicated or pretentious – they often don’t involve expensive ingredients that are difficult to get a hold of and they don’t take hours. He breaks them down into simple steps that anyone can follow.

Don’t believe me – check out his Youtube channel ‘Food Tube’ or his website, jamieoliver.com and see for yourselves!

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