Beef Brisket & Vegetable Stew

I recently made this hearty Beef Brisket & Vegetable Stew.

In England, we eat a lot of hearty stews, soups and casseroles – but rarely does Californian weather inspire me to cook such dishes!

Despite the warm spring Californian days, I wanted something hearty and meaty for dinner and this beef brisket and vegetable stew hit the spot.

It takes a while to cook but is very simple! If you like to cook in the crock-pot then I’m sure this would be a perfect dish to start and leave, otherwise, it takes about 20 minutes preparation and then you leave it to do its thing!


Serves 4-6

1 lb beef brisket or chuck roast

3 large carrots, peeled and diced

4 white potatoes, peeled and diced

1 sweet potato, peeled and diced

1 medium onion, sliced thinly

6oz mushrooms, sliced

1/2 red cabbage, diced

5 cloves garlic, crushed

2 tbsp garlic salt

1 tbsp brown sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp celery salt

1 tsp black pepper

1 tbsp Italian seasoning

1 tbsp oregano

1 tbsp basil

1/2 tsp red chili flakes

1 tsp hickory flavor liquid smoke

1 tsp paprika

4 C water

2 tbsp gravy granules


In a large pot, sear the beef with the onion and garlic over high heat. Turn the meat frequently until it is browned on all sides.

Add carrots, white potatoes, sweet potatoes and 4 cups water to cover and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a steady simmer and cook for approximately 1 hour, or until meat is tender enough to pierce with a fork.

Add the mushrooms, red cabbage and the rest of the seasonings (except the gravy) and stir. Continue to cook at a steady simmer for another 30 minutes.

Add the gravy granules just before serving to make rich meaty gravy.

Serve with crusty bread.

3 thoughts on “Beef Brisket & Vegetable Stew

  1. Shawna says:

    This would be a great dish for us in Iowa right now since it is dreary, wet and cold! It sounds delicious and love that you used brisket. Thanks for sharing on the Four Seasons Blog Hop.


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