Do You Struggle with Reading the Bible?

Terrible At Reading The Bible

Do you struggle with reading the Bible?

I do! I was delighted to be asked to write a guest post over at Devotional Diva about my struggle and what I am doing to overcome them!

Thanks Renee for featuring one of my articles, I am so honored!

Here is an excerpt of the article:

I am terrible at reading the Bible — there I said it!

I want to spend time with Jesus, I want to learn from Him, I want to be more like Him and I want that desire to come naturally, however I would be lying if I said it did.

This is a daily struggle for me. 

To be honest, it’s not even a struggle. It doesn’t enter my head. I can think of one hundred things I could be doing every day before I even think of opening my Bible. I grew up in the church, have known Jesus all my life, and been a follower since I was fourteen years old, yet still this is not a discipline I have mastered.

I am not proud of myself.
I feel very convicted.
This is a spiritual discipline I really need to work at.

Read the FULL ARTICLE here


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