Italian-Style Fried Chicken

Italian Style Fried Chicken

Captain America has been doing a lot of cooking over the past few weeks

I think he has been missing out on cooking as it’s something he really enjoys and used to do a lot more of…..until he gained a wife!

This is another one of his specialties – Italian-Style Fried Chicken.  I am not a huge fan of fried chicken usually – but this was so good we were fighting over the last piece! I won! I wish he had made more 😦 

This is certainly not your ‘standard’ style fried chicken – I think it is even better!



Serves 4-6

Boneless, skinless chicken pieces – 2-3 per person

1.5 C olive oil

1.5 C vegetable oil

3Tbsp bacon grease (this is optional, alternatively add a few pieces of bacon to the oil)

8 garlic cloves

2-4 bay leaves

5 oz Italian breadcrumbs

3 oz parmesan cheese

1 1/2 Tbsp corn meal/cornflour

1 1/2 Tbsp wheat flour/potato flour

2 Tbsp chives

1 Tbsp basil

1 Tbsp oregano

2 tsp paprika

2 tsp black pepper

1 1/2 Tbsp garlic salt

1 1/2 Tbsp Italian seasoning

2 tsp rosemary

2 Tbsp parsley

1 Tbsp thyme

2 tsp mustard powder

1/4 C crushed slivered almonds (optional)



Combine the oils, garlic and bay leaves in a large, frying pan (preferably one with deep sides) and heat to a high heat. Please keep a careful eye on the pan as hot oil is lethal!

Italian Style Fried Chicken

In a large, flat bowl combine the flours, seasonings and breadcrumbs, stir well.

Italian Style Fried Chicken

Rinse the chicken pieces. Dip each chicken piece in the dry mixture so it is thoroughly coated.

Italian Style Fried Chicken

Carefully place the chicken, a couple of pieces at a time, into the hot oil.  It should sizzle and spit a little so be very careful  – and wear an apron to protect your clothes!

Italian Style Fried Chicken

Turn each piece of chicken a couple of times. Cook until golden brown/dark brown but not burnt.

 If any pieces of the chicken are very thick cut them before serving to check they are fully cooked.

Each piece should cook for 4-7 minutes approximately.

Italian Style Fried Chicken

Set the cooked pieces on a large plate covered with paper towels to absorb additional oil.

Serve immediately.

Italian Style Fried Chicken

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