Blogiversary Special: What’s New + Blog Goals

What's New + Blog Goals

In the final installment of our BLOGIVERSARY WEEK I wanted to up date you on a few changes at Captain America & His English Rose.

After a whole year of blogging, there are a few things I have been able to introduce

Firstly, we now have ADVERTISING SPACE available!

Large Advertising Space – 300px wide x 200px high – $15


Advertise Here

 Small Advertising Space – 150px x 150px – $7.50


Advertise here 2

All advertisements will run for 30 days. All payments will be made securely through Paypal.  No Paypal account required to make payments.


If you would like to advertise here, follow the link Advertise With Us


Secondly, we now have INDEXING so it is much easier to find all your favorite recipes and articles.

I have been wanting to add these for some time but it takes so much time – I finally was able to do it and now you can navigate your way around the blog in a much simpler way.

We have sections for Recipes, a Faith & Ministry section so you can hear more about our International Missions and New Nation Church International – the ministry Captain America is the Apostle over.

Thirdly, we have the opportunity to sign up for EMAIL UPDATES

If you sign up below you can receive an update via email 3 times a week – so you never miss a post.

Keep In Touch Via Email – never miss a post:

There is nothing like reviewing the past year’s blogging to get you thinking about what my blog goals are for this coming year!

I know most people write their goals at the beginning of the calendar year, but for me this week marks an important landmark in blogging… what better time to do it than now… in case you are interested

Here are my Blog Goals for this year:

1) Make enough money to renew my domain name in a months time 😉

2) Make more money

3) Attend a blogging conference 

4) Travel internationally to extend that part of the blog

5) Get 20,000 pageviews per month…..or more

6) Learn more about HTML, and all the other blogging terms I don’t really understand

7) Become more creative and diversify my blogging niche

8) Talk more about my faith on the blog

9) Gain more social media followers and learn how to use that to grow the blog

10) Understand Twitter….I still have no idea what it really is and why it’s important! LOL!

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