10 Myths About Bloggers-Demystified

10 Blogger Myths

Continuing our Blogiversary Week Series, I wanted to burst a few bubbles when it comes to bloggers and blogging!

Since I started blogging a year ago, I have had many conversations with people trying to explain what it is I actually do! I have discovered it is nearly impossible to describe to people, even Captain America only has a vague idea of what I actually do!

So for all you wannabe bloggers, skeptics, cynics, critics and fellow bloggers – here is my 10 Myths About Bloggers – Demystified!


1) We are technologically minded….naturally


We are not!  Well many of us are not!  I have learned so much over this past year about all aspects to do with blogging – from photography, editing programs, WordPress, writing code, social media and advertising.  I couldn’t do any of it, and still barely a day goes by when I don’t discover something new and think “how have I never figured that out before?”.  I work on the theory if I cannot ‘google’ the answer, and undertsand what I find then I won’t be able to figure it out.

2) We are well dressed in the latest fashions


HA! This is hilarious and couldn’t be further from the truth! Case point – it is nearly 2pm and I am still in my pj’s and I haven’t moved from my spot at the dining table (AKA Blogging Central) since 9am this morning….except to pee and get more coffee! This happens far too often, I am embarrassed to admit! I am far from up-to-date with all things fashion….in fact my version of ‘fashion’ since I started blogging is making it to the shower before 4pm, getting out of pj’s into sweatpants and putting my hair in a top knot……I am delighted that there is now live webcam feed on my computer!

3) We live in spotlessly clean perfect houses

dream home 2

Firstly, we live in a 900 square-foot apartment, not a perfect house decked out in the latest fabrics and decor that I personally handcrafted from sticks and thread using only a glue gun with one hand tied behind my back! I haven’t made a single thing in our house…..except a mess!

Secondly, I HATE cleaning, I do it because I have to, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  I do not have a cleaning chart, or my own set of personalised all-natural, home-made, environmentally friendly cleaners and we cannot afford a cleaner (much to my dismay)! To read more about my dislike for cleaning and my ‘perfect’ solutions, CLICK HERE

4) We make home-made, allergen-free food from scratch for every meal without even breaking a sweat.

Oh if only this were true! Yes, I make as much home-made food as possible, but mainly because Captain America and I love cooking.  All the recipes you see on the blog are what we actually eat, we cook to eat not cook to blog! I don’t have the time or the patience (or any desire) to present to you some perfect recipe that I have spent months perfecting and refining…..you get it ‘hot off the press’ raw and real, with mistakes and errors.   I choose to do it that way because I am not an expert and neither are most of you so this way we are all starting from the same point, working toward the same goal, and hopefully if I make a mistake along the way I can save you from the humiliation.

I have made two gluten-free recipes in my life and they are the only ones I can make!

I have a series of cooking and baking disasters that I have shared with you, for example, The Cataldo Pie Escapade & Part Two and don’t even get me started on the Cheesecake I made last week (coming soon on the blog) which not only cracked but resulted in it being nicknamed “The Grand Canyon Dessert”….it tasted delicious but looked like a hot mess – but I will still share it as the taste is the most important thing after all!

5) We have lots of spare time

time flies

LOL! Not at all!  I don’t think bloggers know what spare time is!  The reason for this is that there is always something else you could be doing to improve your blog, social media presence, earnings etc……I have a to-do list as long as my arm, most of which I have never even attempted to start as I am too busy doing everything else.  I do not have another job (currently) and I don’t have any children – how people balanced being a wife, parent and any other work as well as blogging is beyond me! There are just not enough hours in the day! See #8

6) We make lots of money


To date I have made $30.28. That’s the worst rate of return EVER! I have worked on average 6 hours a day, 6 days a week for one year!  Don’t blog for money – it takes a lot to make even minimum wage!

7) We are very creative

Not really – many bloggers are incredibly creative….but I am not one of them. I have some creative elements, but to me REAL creativity comes from making something from scratch – I am more of a look around for ideas, which gets me thinking and then I adapt the idea, work on it and make it my own!  Where I borrow someone else’s idea I give them the credit – because they deserve it more than me! We are in this together after all!

8) We get everything right first time

Todd Collage

This photograph montage above proves that this is not the case!  I have a really fancy camera that I know about 5% of the functions of….therefore to get a photograph I want can take quite a few attempts.  This is just a few (no really there were so many more) of the photographs I took to get the photo at the end that I used in one blog post…..just one! Poor Captain America sat VERY patiently as I took tons of pictures to get the lighting, background and effects correct.  This was late on a Friday evening, we were both exhausted and easily irritated! Praise God we survived without killing each other or giving up!

9) We find blogging easy

NOT AT ALL see #8 and #1 and #4! Nothing about blogging is easy!  It takes way more hours than it should, patience, expertise, creativity, knowledge and so much more! To find out more about this read, 10 Things I Wish I Had Known.

10) We think we have something invaluable that the world needs to hear

womanI would not presume to be so arrogant.  I am amazed that ANYONE reads my blog to be honest!  I don’t think I have very much of interest to say, so it’s nice to discover that there are people out there who disagree with me and actually read the blog and make the recipes, and comment and find inspiration!  I love that you, the readers, give me permission to continue in my little piece of the internet.  It is an honor and a blessing.  Thank you!


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12 thoughts on “10 Myths About Bloggers-Demystified

  1. Stephanie Griffith says:

    That montage is cracking me up. And I agree on all 10 points. Especially when you said, “to me REAL creativity comes from making something from scratch – I am more of a look around for ideas, which gets me thinking and then I adapt the idea, work on it and make it my

    I actually avoid blogs that just take everyone else’s ideas and stick them in a post of their own. Like the ones that have 500 posts that are “10 ways to do X” and not one single thing is their own idea, complete with a stolen photo (total copyright violation and can cost thousands for just ONE photos – I blogged about that earlier this week). Even if you give credit to the original person who came up with X, I still feel like that’s some kind of plagiarism, and the law does too. I get annoyed when I follow Pinterest links to that kind of post because sometimes I’ll have to click through several blogs to get back to the original blogger, and I want to give THAT person the credit on Pinterest/Twitter/etc, kwim?

    /endrant Anyway, good list 🙂 Found you on That Friday Blog Hop.


  2. Jodee Weiland says:

    I agree with several of your points, especially the ones about making money and having a lot of spare time! Certainly not every meal is a blog post or we would never eat the same thing twice in our lives. You have cleverly put together a post that expresses ideas that any of us could find at least a few we might see in ourselves. I, for one, truly enjoy your style and spirit…thank for sharing…I needed this today!


  3. Sarah Schultz says:

    These are so true although I like to believe that I am so organized that I have a cleaning chart- in reality I downloded some and never printed them let alone filled them and follow them.


  4. Sharon says:

    Happy Blogiversary! I’ve had my own blog for 6 months, and it’s hard to explain to a non-blogger what a ridiculous amount of time it takes to do what we do! There truly aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all. Another myth that I come across a lot is that people think I can get anything I (or they) want for free! I’m a fitness blogger, so no one is going to ask me to review baby toys – nor would I want to! Also, people don’t really get that the “free” stuff isn’t really free at all, if you consider the time spent reviewing, writing, and promoting. Okay, rant over. 🙂 Congrats on your beautiful blog!


  5. Carrie Perrins says:

    I am coming up on my year blogiversary and couldn’t agree with you more! I loved all your points! I am passionate about my blog and sharing what is important to me. I am sure you are the same. Good Luck with your next year!!!
    Your newest follower-
    Carrie Perrins


  6. Dee Williamson says:

    I loved these myths! Haha especially the dressing part. I blog in my pajamas!

    Stopping by from the Do Tell Tuesday link-up and I’m following now.


  7. Lisa Johnson says:

    LOL, this post is awesome! Everything you said is dead on. I am also still sitting here blogging in my pajamas….at 2 in the afternoon. 😉


  8. Claire@ALittleClaireification says:

    Oh, girl. I love this and it is so spot on. I am sitting here in the same yoga pants I had on yesterday and it’s almost 4PM. Promoting on Facebook and Pinterest just sucked 4 hours of my life that I will never get back. I need to go start a recipe that is due soon and I don’t feel like it. Why do we do this again?? {oh wait – it’s the riches and fame, that’s right}. lol
    Great post and I am so glad you always share at our Best Of The Weekend party!!


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