Blogiversary: Our First Year!

blog turns 1

Well what a year it has been!

I must say I am amazed by how much the blog has grown, and which posts have had the most views!

We just hit 10,000 pageviews this past month, something I have been aiming for so I was delighted to make it just before the 1 year mark!

We average around 7,500 unique visitors each month.

We also have a active social media presence:

900+ Facebook

1,000 + Twitter

1,300 + Pinterest Followers

700+ Google +

Blogiversary Crazy Faces

I spend an average of 4 hours per day working on the blog, some days I have spent about 9 hours on it and some I have’t done a thing! Captain America is always reminding me that I actually work on it much more than I realize because the social media side takes up so much time!

I don’t write this to boast, but rather to celebrate the achievement.  Blogging is such a lot of work, and such a time commitment….if nothing else this serves as a helpful reminder to me that it is worth while!

Here’s a few highlights of the past year………

Top 5 Blog Posts – by pageview

Blogiversary Year In Review top posts

1) Butternut Squash Soup

2) Top 10 Cleaning Tips For People Who Hate Cleaning

3) Jamie Oliver’s Pizza Dough

4) Pumpkin Spice Pull Apart Bread

5) Thai Curry with Chicken & Butternut Squash

My 5 Favorite Posts:

Blogiversary My Favorite Posts

And the reasons why………in no particular order:

5 Things I Learned About Marriage – I loved this article as it was the first time I really expressed a strong opinion about something I am passionate about.  I am a huge fan of the book, and have learned many things about my own marriage from it, however, the thing I felt so strongly about was how ministry, especially people in ministry, become subjects of scrutiny and hatred from those who know little about their life and faith.

The Cataldo Pie Escapade & Part Two – This was a love/hate article for me!  I am not a fan of pie crust – it is my nemesis!  I am yet to find a pie crust recipe I am totally happy with, these two posts were a labor of love for me.  I was determined to find a recipe I liked and when I failed, I shared my misery with you all!

My Top 10 London Tourist Attractions in 36 Hours – I loved this article as it was so much fun to create!  It was my first visit to London with Captain America – so much of it was me showing him many of my favorite parts!  Like most of the articles you read here, it didn’t start as a thing for the blog, we had fun and then shared it with you!  I really enjoyed all the England articles from this summer as I felt like I got to share a piece of my ‘Britishness’ with you all!

Banana Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting – This was the first recipe I did that went viral….well viral for me!  It was featured on many link parties, reposted many times, and it is still the article I have had the most comments about!  I was really pleased with the photographs too…and the cupcakes were delicious!

2014 Beauty Revolution – This is a very recent post for me, and one where I was very raw and honest with you all about some personal struggles.  God told me to write it, in no uncertain terms, it was a challenge to be so honest but I’m glad I was. I know I am not alone in this struggle and I knew it was important to use my small piece of the internet to share such a crucial struggle for many women.

I thank you all for your continued support – your encouragement, sharing posts, following us….we literally couldn’t do it without you!


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