The Gift: A Story for Advent – Part Six

The Gift - A Story for Advent

During the month of December I have the honor of sharing a beautiful piece of writing with you.  A dear friend in ministry, Audrey McCormick, wrote this story a few years ago.  She read part of it at a church service recently and I knew I had to share it with you.  I thought I would share it to celebrate this Advent season – as we prepare to remember the birth of Jesus this Christmas time.

However much I love Christmas, with all the decorations, baking, Christmas parties, songs, dressing up and delicious food, Christmas to me is about so much more.  It is a time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  For many of you this is just a ‘nice story’ that gets mixed in with all the other celebrations.  For me and Captain America it is a special birthday, one like no other.  It is a ‘story’ full of miracles, of prophecies fulfilled, one that demands the response of a relationship with a real man, who lived and walked upon this earth in order that we could live our life to the fullest and fulfill our destiny.  It is a story of truth.

So read on, think on these words, let them wash over you and fill your soul


Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord; peace in Heaven and glory in the highest! Luke 19:38 

The secret is out and the Gift has been opened!  Today, the Fullness of Love stands in resurrection power as Jesus presents Himself to be discovered.  Through the cross, He has broken down the wall of division, and now we can move forward in the Spirit of Truth to touch Him, and to know Him.  We are the gift that He has chosen, and as we come to Him, He gives Himself freely (1 John 4:19).  He holds eternal love, and as we unite with Him, the Spirit explodes in revelation.     

Jesus lives inside the walls of my heart and when He speaks I feel as though I am being warmed from the inside out.  I hear Him calling and I feel Him longing.  He stands before me and I am learning to perceive Him—I am learning to see Him. 

His presence became thick around me and I moved toward His love with my heart.   He stood before me and His head was tilted toward the ground.  I could see that His eyes were shut…  He was praying for me.  Over His eyes, and interrupting His eyebrows, were thick scars.  I moved in closely and used my fingers to feel them.  I wondered why each eye appeared to have been split with deep wounds.  This thought passed through my heart and I received understanding as He lifted His head to look right at me. 

His eyes met mine and I found my reflection.  Mirrors were hidden beneath the scars, and the girl looking back at me was not the one that I thought I knew.  She was beautiful and she was full of truth.  Staring closely, I continued to look straight into His eyes, I wanted to see the girl that was looking back at me; she was strong and her eyes danced with freedom.  Placing His hand on my face, Jesus held my gaze and His eyes were stern as if to argue the doubts in my heart.  She was me and He wanted me to believe.  Transformation began as His eyes of love held me.  Crumbling under Truth, I felt lies wash from my face.  All things were laid bare as I allowed Him to stare.  He exposed me, and because of His love, I found beauty.  As the love spilled from His eyes to transform my mind, I understood the reason for such deep scars.  They covered the deep value of what lied beneath.  What the enemy attempted to steal, now remains for eternity, and as I call upon my King I can request daily to look into His eyes to see what He sees when He looks at me. 

Redemption flows like a river of healing as I feel His eyes rest upon my soul.  He sees all things and His eyes guide me (Psalm 32:8).  They are flames of fire and the righteousness of God makes the darkness writhe as love consumes all that He looks upon.  In His gaze I will remain.  I will look intently to see the reflection of the girl that He loves, and if I keep my eyes locked with His, I will always find excellence under my mess.  I will get lost in the eyes that found me because they are the eyes that will never lose me.

A sense of safety fell over my soul as I felt the hand of Jesus touching my face.  I closed my eyes to soak in the love that was rushing through my heart and a swirling wind swept me away.  I opened my eyes to find that I had become a tiny speck in the palm of His hand.  Enormous walls of flesh surrounded me and the deep lines of His hands were the paths of righteousness that before seemed so looming.  Rest filled my mind as I found the nail scar in His palm.  I knew that this was the place where I should make my bed because it marked the very depths of His love.  As I moved toward my resting place I was reminded of the way His hands have kept me.  His hands have crossed the barriers of my heart to prove that He is trustworthy as they weave beauty and establish intimacy.  With His Majesty overshadowing me, I found rest like I had never known as I heard Him whispering, “I give you eternal life, and you will never perish; neither will anyone snatch you out of My hand (John 10:28).”   

Moving from the place of His hands I found myself at His feet.  I used my fingers to feel the scars and knowledge of His faithfulness filled my soul.  He walked into the valleys of my darkness to carry my broken spirit into safety.  His feet reveal the wars He fought to bring salvation.  As I studied the nail scars I realized that His feet had been bound to the cross so that, forever, mine could walk freely.  In my fears, tears, and pain I come to the feet of Jesus and find peace as the scars remind me that He walked these paths long before me.  He holds me when I am tired and He understands the strain of walking the narrow paths where He leads me.  When I sit at His feet I am reminded that they are the feet that willingly walked to Calvary.  He never fails me, and when I fall to the ground in exhaustion, My Shepherd lifts me.  This is how we walk— He carries me. 

Waiting for words to leave my lips, He waits in silence.  I felt Him longing as I quietly adored Him.  My soul began to stir as He placed His ear near to my lips.  Not knowing the purpose for His gesture, I began to search my soul while praying for guidance.  From the deepest place of my heart I began to feel secrets emerging and I restrained, trying to keep them in the place where they had been hiding.  Jesus pulled against the fingers of my heart like a magnetic force as He longed to dive more deeply into intimacy.  He longed to know the things that I was secretly dreaming, and silently fighting.  Discerning His desire to know the hidden things within me, I began to realize that I had pressed them so deep that even I was blind to them.  Pulling more deeply against the rigidity of my heart, He promised to share His secrets if I would share mine.  Such a gentle King stood before me with an ear to my lips.  Rather than ravish the tender places of my heart to remove what was already His, He coaxed me forward with love and promises.  I began to feel the secrets breathing as they tried to remain hidden, and as I moved trustfully to bring them forward, I found that they were not as much the things unknown, but they were the denials and lies that kicked against the hopes He had for me.  The process that seemed impossible moved forward in simplicity as the deepest chambers of my heart were split open.  Mountains of fear dissolved under waves of relief as the gentle King replaced my secrets with His peace.           

Jesus stands before us today.  Who is this King of Glory?  He is the Promised King and the Light that is brightly shining.  I hear Him speaking to pull forth the gift He’s placed in us: “You are the light of the world…Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven (Matt. 5:14).”

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