Mission Trip Update

Mission Team Update

One of the joys of ministry is flexibility!

I have been learning this in a greater degree in the process of planning and fundraising for our Mission Trip.

It started with a plan to go to East Africa, then we added a stop in the UK as we would probably be flying through there anyway, God then spoke to us about doing ministry while in the UK, so we made the stop there a little longer and after Africa.  Then God spoke again, and we switched the trip plans, UK first in December and the beginning of January, then East Africa for the rest of January.

All the time we were fundraising, promoting the online giving, having fundraising events….the money was coming in but it was very slow.  

We kept pushing back our decision date (the date we had to decide whether we were going on the trip or not), flight prices were rising, but we knew we had to wait.  So wait we did.

Julie left for Missouri, a family visit and ministry trip.  God opened the doors for her to speak and minister at many churches and ministries…..many more than she ever thought possible.

It’s now nearly Thanksgiving….initially we had planned to leave for Africa on December 2nd…..that’s not happening! We then rescheduled and were planning to leave for the UK on December 16th….but still not enough money to buy our flights.

I’m going to be totally honest here, at this point I was really stressed! It just didn’t seem to make sense, we felt so strongly from God that we were supposed to go to the UK, for me that meant two things: 1) I get to spend Christmas with my family, IN ENGLAND, which I haven’t done for 3 years (if you don’t live in a different country from where you grew up this probably won’t make any sense to you, if you do…..you get it!  It’s a big deal!) and 2) I get to do ministry again in the UK, something I know God spoke to me very clearly about and I knew He was opening up opportunities for us.

It became really hard for me to separate the two things, I REALLY wanted to be home for Christmas (FYI – I only call it home at Christmas which should tell you something ;-))

And then there is Africa…..everything about our Africa trip is expensive!  There is so much that goes into a trip there, and much of the expenses cannot be calculated until you are actually in the country so we know we need a substantial amount of money accessible to us while in Africa.

It became clear to us that the fundraising just was not going to raise enough money in time for when we thought we were supposed to be in Africa…so we have decided to postpone the trip but continue to fundraise, with zeal, and hopefully go in Summer 2014.

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Now the Mission Trip plans took on a while new dimension, we felt like we are supposed to go to the UK to build a network and grow connections there.

When you take Africa out of the mix it allows us more flexibility with the dates of the trip.  

We checked flight prices against our fundraising total…..we were just $500 away from us all booking our flights.

We had a sense of peace.  We booked two flights, one for me and one for Captain America, we prayed money would come for Julie’s ticket so she can join us in the New Year.  More money came in.  We are now $150 away from booking her ticket.  We have two additional fundraising opportunities before we leave!

The trip is booked!

Captain America and I fly to the UK on December 16th, Julie joins us early in the New Year (she will hopefully be booking her flight tomorrow!) and we all fly back to the US on January 14th.  

We are making connections and developing ministry opportunities during our stay.  We are excited and hopeful for the connections that God has in store for us.

Thank you for your support and please continue to pray for us and for all that God has for us to do in the UK!


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