Coffee Date – 200th Post

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If we were having coffee today I would tell you that:

Today is supposed to be our weekly vlog Coffee Date – however I just didn’t have time today to make and edit the video……so I am afraid we are back to the good old fashioned written word!!

This is my 200th post since I started blogging on February 1st!

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the number!  I dread to think how many words that must have been!! Thanks to those of you who are regular readers, we really appreciate your support, we couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without you! 

It has been a crazy crazy couple of weeks, with so much happening, above and beyond the scheduled stuff so it has been a real challenge to keep up.

Last weekend we decided to launch a Holiday Bake Sale Fundraiser, which involved a lot of preparation work, including a last minute baking day on Saturday to get some samples ready to sell at an event on Saturday night.  It went really well, and we raised $115, which isn’t bad for a last minute attempt.

We have since received a few orders – enough to make it worth our while , but not too many to make it overwhelming!  We are thinking this will become at least an annual thing for our church to fundraise, especially seeing as we have so many talented bakers at church.

We are still forging ahead with our plans for our Mission Trip to the UK and East Africa.  The fundraising is slow but steady – but we are still a long way off our $18,000 total.

If we were meeting today, I would tell you the sad news that on Sunday, Captain America’s Nana had a stroke and was rushed into hospital.  We knew it was serious and were told that she would not recover.  As a family we did what we could to make her last few days as comfortable as possible.  She passed away early on Wednesday morning. Many of her family got to see her, Captain America and I were able to visit her every day.  On Sunday evening she was responsive and talking, although it was very slurred, and still making jokes with us all.  We got to tell her we loved her.  The next few days she gradually got less responsive but remained peaceful and comfortable.

Today is her funeral, where we get to celebrate her 99 wonderful years on this earth, knowing that she is now rejoicing with her Savior in Heaven.

Next week, we will be in Las Vegas on a family Thanksgiving getaway – so there will not be a Coffee Date 😦  However, I promise to do one the following week to make up for it!

In the meantime, have a fabulous Thanksgiving week, and come back on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for some last minute AMAZING Thanksgiving recipes in a special round up I am doing! I have gathered recipes from the best Food Bloggers, so this can be your one-stop go-to for all you Thanksgiving recipes!


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