When Ministry Throws You A Curveball {31 Days #29}

When Ministry Throws You A Curveball

One of our favorite things about ministry is that you never really know what is going to happen each day.  

Yes, we make plans, and go about the ‘standard’ things that need doing each week, but every so often Ministry Throws You A Curveball and the results can be amazing!

Sunday was one of those days.

We were delighted to welcome a new guest at church, Benson, a visiting minister from Uganda who happened to be staying locally, and who happened to meet one of our church members at a luncheon on Saturday.  She was excited to talk to him and tell him that a team from her church were soon going to Uganda.  She invited him to church.

There were various plans for that day – a cleaning session after church where our whole church gets involved and cleans, a time of cooking and preparing a meal together with our Marriage small group (more on that coming soon!) all of which had been planned in advance and couldn’t really be changed.

What we could have done is carried on regardless of the visitor and made excuses as to why we couldn’t spend time with him etc, but instead we believe moments like this are more than just coincidence.  

They are moments orchestrated by God that lead to opportunities.

Benson was more than willing to dive in a clean with us…..something that none of us asked or expected of him.  He rolled up his sleeves and got stuck in.

As we were leaving I felt that we should invite him to our small group, even without his wife present I knew that it was right to invite him.  He willingly accepted, as did the rest of the group (in fact God had spoken the same message to them too) and he joined us for our afternoon and evening of cooking, fellowship and study.

In fact, he went a step further, he wanted to cook with us and offered to make Chapatis, a Ugandan speciality.  They were wonderful….and yes I documented the whole process so I can share it with you all too – recipe coming soon!

What cold have seemed like an inconvenience in the midst of busy schedules and planned events actually was a HUGE blessing for all involved.  We were all ministered to, we all learnt something new, we were all challenged – it was such a great day!

When life (or ministry) throws you a curveball be open and willing – you never know what blessings may await you!

We are hoping to meet up with Benson and his family in Uganda when we visit in December!

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