Ministry Has A 1000 Faces {31 Days #24}

Ministry Has a 1000 Faces

Ministry Has A 1000 Faces….or maybe even more!

I’m not sure what you think of when you hear that people are in full-time ministry?  Does it sound like hard work or an excuse for an easy life? Neither would do the full-time work of ministry justice.  

It is so much more.

This week has been a perfect example of the diversity that you find yourself in as someone who works full-time in ministry.  Here is a snapshot of our week so far:

We planned our trip to Africa, we had extensive conversations with our team members, we spent hours on the phone sorting out vaccinations appointments, flights, travel arrangements, finding the best price….for everything, training our team, teaching Bible School classes, processing through what it means to be ‘called’ to the mission field with potential team members, graded homework from our classes, discussed prophetic ministry, deliverance and personal dynamics of our mission team, talked about the impact of grief and when is the right time to step back into ministry, developed relationships, met new friends, discipled people, did necessary administration, set up fundraising accounts, promoted our trip, set up our new online giving…….and the list goes on!

This all happened since Monday…..and doesn’t include anytime spent on the blog, or on our own needs such as eating, sleeping and cleaning!!

And in the middle of it all we took a day and went to San Francisco! “A day off?” I hear you cry?? No! A day building essential relationships with the relatives of one of our Founding Apostles’, Julie. You see her Mom, Margie, is in California for a month visiting.  Her husband, Julie’s Dad, passed away earlier this year and this is her first visit on her own.  Julie’s brother-in-law, Cameron was visiting too.  This is his very first visit to California.  Cameron is a minister too in Missouri where he lives with his family.  Julie’s immediate family are all in ministry, although not all do it full-time. Julie comes from a long line of ministers with an incredible heritage.

This visit is more than just vacation – it’s a ministry opportunity!

Here is a snapshot into our day:

We started in Sausalito, in Marin County – across the Bay from San Francisco. It was foggy, and cool when we arrived but slowly the fog cleared and the sun shone!


Then we drove to a vista point just before the Golden Gate Bridge!  It was STUNNING in the fog, with wisps of cloud weaving their way in and out of the huge steel girders.


Our next stop was The Palace Of Fine Arts in San Francisco – a perfect photo opportunity! Freezing cold as the fog had not cleared in San Francisco and the wind was blowing….we had to keep moving to stay warm!


Julie & Margie


A friendly tourist offered to take our picture 🙂


and then we got silly 😉


Would you believe this building was built as a temporary structure?  It’s incredible! A photographers delight!




We then visited Fisherman’s Wharf – a must for all tourists in San Francisco.  It houses some of the best crab in the world, freshly caught, cooked and served right in front of you!

Fisherman's Wharf

It also houses Boudin Bakery…….the home of Sourdough, the warm bread, the delicious smell…….and a great place to defrost when the temperature drops and the Bay breezes come in!

Eat Crab
This is one of our favorite shots of the day…..Cameron pushing, Captain America & I holding onto Margie’s wheelchair with all of our grip down one of the really steep hills in San Francisco! By this point in the day we had established that the wheelchair doesn’t agree with any bumps, doorways or ruts in the road or pavement….so to avoid any accidents this is how we navigated hills, roads, doorways and any uneven surfaces….oh ho we laughed!

Margie Hill SF_01

Relationships built.

Connections made.

And here ends a day in the life in full-time ministry!


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One thought on “Ministry Has A 1000 Faces {31 Days #24}

  1. Alison Kelly says:

    Ministry is all about allowing folk to meet Jesus through you, so it always means spending quality time with people. I can understand how this eats up the hours and days but what a rewarding way to spend your time! Love keeping up with your “Faith Journey”, will miss it when the 31 days are up.


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