Let Go Let God {31 Days #22}

Let Go Let God

Yesterday was a crazy day!

It was non-stop, fast paced, running out of time, and overwhelming!

When I look at the rest of the week it is the same.

Don’t you just love days like that?? 

I get stressed and overwhelmed and I feel like I want to stop the world and get off for a couple of days so I can recover.

The craziness is mainly because we have really stepped up our planning for our Africa mission trip and we had a day long meeting discussing all the details, plans and needs……my head hurts, yet my excitement is peaked!

On top of everything I had this blog post to write – one of the joys of committing to write on the same topic for 31 Days is that you cannot give yourself a day off 😦

I didn’t know what to write about, I hadn’t even had a second to think about it and I had 30 minutes to do it in!! Then Captain America suggested I wrote about submitting everything to God, as that really has been the theme of the last couple of days for us.

However exciting the trip to Africa is we cannot escape the harsh reality that faces us to make this trip happen…..the cost, the $6000 cost PER PERSON that we have estimated we will need to make the trip happen.

Captain America and I FULLY believe that we are supposed to take this leap of faith and go on the trip, so we are having to Let Go and Let God.  

While searching on Pinterest for inspiration (I knew there was a reason I pinned all those amazing Bible verses on my Believe board!!) I found this verse:

“And so it was that he, having waited long and endured patiently, realized and obtained what God had promised him.” Hebrews 6: 15

And so here we are waiting…..for a seemingly long time, trying to exercise patience, trusting that we will realize and obtain what God has promised us.

Africa December 2013……by faith!

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I'm doing it!

One thought on “Let Go Let God {31 Days #22}

  1. chrissy boerman says:

    I know The Lord will bless you abundantly for taking this leap of faith in pure obedience. Thanks for linking up to the all things pretty party.


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