21 Graces During 31 Days {Day 19}

21 Graces During 31 Days

For our regular readers, by now I’m sure you are very familiar with our 21 Graces weekly article. For the month of October we have moved 21 Graces to a Saturday as part of or 31 Days series.

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If you are new to the blog, or if you are joining us for 31 Days Series: Walking Out A Leap Of Faith – you can find out more about 21 Graces here: 21 Graces – Introduction

Here is this week’s 21 Graces:

Week Twenty One – 10/19/2013

1) Breakfast and Pedicures with my BFF on her birthday

2) Dinner with a dear friend – catching up!

3) Finding our dream house……..now all we need is the deposit and a monthly income 😉

4) Visiting my old church and seeing lots of friends….filled up my love tank!

5) Finding inspiration for a blog post in the 15 minute window of time I had available

6) An hour long massage……for free!

7) A conversation with Captain America about our marriage (thanks to a study we are doing!) that didn’t result in an argument and encouraged us both 🙂

8) Our Married Couples Small Group!

9) Being blessed by some young people who drove a 4-hour round trip to prophecy and minister in my Prophecy Class

10) One of our church members getting healed after being prayed for by the aforementioned young people!

11) Hearing lots of positive feedback about my very first printable

12) Being a part of a Christian Blogging Group – they are wonderful, encouraging and uplifting!

13) Being inspired by some of my closest friends

14) Making Butternut Squash soup – even if it is 80°F outside

15) Getting lots done and being efficient with my time – it always makes me happy

16) Being blessed with a cheap, yet wonderful accommodation option for our 1st Anniversary in a couple of weeks!!

17) Finding out we are going on vacation for Thanksgiving with family 🙂

18) Pumpkin Patch visit

19) Date Day with Captain America

20) Carved my very first Jack O Lantern!!

21) Launched our first fundraising campaign for our mission trip to East Africa!

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