Domesticity 101: Baking Equipment

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Domesticity 101: a guide to all the essentials and basics around the house and kitchen.

I am not an expert, just another woman trying to figure life out and make it the day-to-day tasks as simple as possible – and that’s what I will be sharing here.

The title, Domesticity 101 can be defined as:
do·mes·tic·i·ty (dm-sts-t)
n. pl. do·mes·tic·i·ties
1. The quality or condition of being domestic.
2. Home life or devotion to it.
3. domesticities Household affairs. Original source

We kicked off the series with Pantry Essentials – this includes ingredients that we use very regularly and are featured in many of our recipes.

Week One: Pantry Essentials: Herbs & Spices

Week Two: Pantry Essentials: Oils, Sauces & Marinades

Week Three: Kitchen Equipment

Today we continue the series with Baking Equipment – covering all the basic Baking Essentials you will need to make you life in the kitchen a whole lot easier!

Do you have a question that you want answered?

If so, please leave a comment or email me and ask the question and I will try and answer it!


Guide To Basic Baking Equipment:

Baking Essentials

Baking Sheets, Cupcake and Cake Pans:

Plain old baking sheet….well not an old one! You can get one with or without an edge, I like and have both but I love baking so I have lots of everything!

Silicone Baking Mat – I love these, I have two and they are invaluable.  They replace parchment and wax paper as they make any surface non-stick!

Springform Cake Pan – perfect for round cakes and it has the springform release so you won’t struggle to remove the cake from the pan!

Non-stick cupcake/muffin pans – I have a regular size one and a mini one!

Silicone cupcake/muffin pans – I was bought these as a gift and wasn’t too sure about them, but they are wonderful for muffins.

Silicone baking cups – again I saw these and thought they sounded like a good idea……they are!  Wonderful invention – creates perfect cupcakes every time and really easy to remove the cake when it’s cooled.

Non-stick loaf pan – creates perfect loaves every time

Non-stick cake pan – I have a square one but they come in all shapes and sizes.  Get one – they are great!

Pie dish – I have a glass one and a few stainless steel ones.  They both work really well – so get whichever is cheapest/prettiest!

Bowls, Mixers & Measuring Cups:Baking Essentials

Stackable mixing bowls – sometimes you need a big bowl, sometimes you need a smaller one – get some as you will use them for baking, cooking, and giant salads and such!

Food scale – this is essential….you never know when you may have to weigh ingredients. I found it almost impossible to bake anything when I first moved here from the UK as I didn’t have one of these.

Measuring cups – I LOVE these magnetic cups as they stay together in the drawer and I’m not digging around looking for the correct size.

Large Measuring Cup – you will need one of these for larger liquid amounts.

Fine Mesh Sieve – for flour

Cooling Racks – I have about 4 of these, which you will need if you ever make a large batch of cookies or cakes, they need plenty of time to cool down.

5 or 7 Speed Hand Mixer – these save so much time in the kitchen when it comes to baking. I use mine all the time as I currently do not have a Stand Mixer…..we are waiting to move into a house with larger counter space than our current apartment.  A hand mixer will revolutionize you baking, and save you a lot of time.  It doesn’t have to be a very expensive one, but make sure it has at least 5 variable speeds.

Smaller Baking Utensils:

Baking Essentials

A rolling pin

A cookie scoop

A small measuring spoon

A citrus juicer

A zester

Balloon whisk – I have a metal one and a silicone one

Silicone spatulas – various sizes

Pastry cutter

Pastry brush – silicone (or a really old bristle one like we have that sheds on all our food :-/)

My Secret Weapon:

A Year Of Cookie Cutters from Crate & Barrel – genius, just genius!

Baking Essentials

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